17yr Old Completes Spartan Race World Championship and Ultra Beast, Then Gets Booted from High School Track Team


Andrew Wible 17 yrs. old from Long Valley, NJ finished back to back both the Vermont Spartan Race World Championship Beast on 9/20/14 and the Ultra Beast ultra distance obstacle race in Vermont on 9/21/14.  The next day he went to school and was dismissed from the track team for doing a Spartan Race.

We only have Andrew’s side of the story, but Andrew says his coach’s reason for dismissal from the team was simply that it would affect his performance.

To the coach’s credit, many schools and school districts have various codes of conduct for the athlete teams that may prohibit participation in non sanctioned events (not sanctioned by the school or district league of the sport the athlete is participating in). Also in some districts / leagues, participating in outside events where there is a cash purse available may make the athlete ineligible to compete at the high school level (in addition to jeopardizing the eligibility of the entire team).

If you ask us, it looks like Andrew found a new (and more fun) sport!

Oh and we’d like to welcome Andrew as the newest member of Team Mud and Adventure


  1. Hold on a second, I am 14 and have an ultra beast medal from this year and when I was 12 i had my first UB medal and this guy gets seen right off the bat?


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