Year 2 of the OCR Orphan Adventure Mission Trip


Jeff Cain reports back from the 2nd OCR Orphan Adventure Mission Trip, sponsored by Back2Back Ministries.

The plight of these orphaned children will break your heart, but it will also inspire you. Inspire you to be good and do good. Immersed in that environment, I spent no more than a total of 20 minutes the entire week on email and social media. My spirits were high and my soul was as filled as it has been in a long time. Then, while waiting at the airport for the flight home, I opened the door to the Internet and was flooded with negativity – the whining, the protests, the complaints about protests, the attacks, and the moral elitism on both sides of the equation. I shut that door and my whole approach to social media changed. Because of this trip, I realized there are more important, worthwhile, and uplifting things I can do with my time than be brought down by opinions that I don’t need or care to know. You see, I have been so moved by the mission experience that I now have 2 sponsored kids in Monterrey. They need my support, my letters of encouragement, my involvement, and my mentoring to fight their way out of a hole deeper than most people in American have even thought about.

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Original AuthorJeff Cain
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