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It is with great honor that I welcome you to the NEW Mud + Adventure Adventure Travel. In our modern world comprised of boxes, adventure and the outdoors free us. It allows our minds to wander, our bodies to labor, and our soul to reconnect. It is simple according us complete focus and a sharper sense of being. It intensifies the delicacy of untouched snowflakes, the radiant colors of a clear sunset, the pure, gratifying exhaustion of putting one foot in front of another.

As athletes we’re always pushing our limits and often find ourselves outside. We run the extra mile, break through PR’s, and approach life with determination and discipline. Yet, we still live within a routine. Adventure Travel takes us outside the course flags, the GPS watch, and the marker board testing our resolve and strengthening our grit in circumstances otherwise not available to us.

It was a natural progression to bring Adventure Travel to the Mud + Adventure family. Together with the other verticals, our publication will present the best content enriching your athletic profile.

So, what is Adventure Travel? At Mud + Adventure we define it as travel or an experience exploring the wild, engaging with local cultures, or pushing our physical limits. This definition will guide us in bringing you News, Articles, and Hand Picked Adventures.

Inside the Adventure Travel vertical you’ll find Reviews, Interviews, Stories, How To’s, Inspirations and Explorations of the far corners of the Earth. We’ll share riveting stories of Extreme Challenges. We’ll take you to breathtaking landscapes accessible only on foot and share how to get there! We’ll send our Adventurists out to try and review the latest Attractions, Tours, and Activities. We’ll introduce you to the cultures and customs the world over. We’ll interview every day adventurers. And, we’ll test and share our favorite, GEAR! Our team of dedicated Adventurers will bring the World to your computer screen.

The Adventure Travel Search engine will direct you to the best and most exciting Adventures. You will be able to search for exotic Multi-day Trips spanning the globe or for a 3 Hour, local Outdoor tour. You’ll be able to pair your upcoming out of town event with an exciting adventure when you search by location. If you’re wanting to learn a skill or try an old in a new location, you’ll be able to search by activity.

What kind of activities? Everything imaginable: canyoning, surfing, mountain biking, paragliding, skiing, rock climbing, and more! The listings will be hand-picked by the Mud & Adventure crew limiting the selection to only those that fit our definition of Adventure ensuring you’re not stuck sorting through the same old, boring attractions.

We will of course be scouring the world bringing you discounts on your adventures. The Mud + Adventure Team will be working tirelessly saving you money (for more event registrations) and time (for more training) when planning your next adventure!

The Adventure Travel Team looks forward to sharing our Adventures with you. It will be an exciting ride, and we cannot wait to see where it takes us! In the meantime, #GetOutside and #JustPlay!

Have an idea? Know an everyday adventurer? Do you have a unique Outdoor skill? We wanna know about it! Contact [email protected] with your ideas!

Nicki King's Peak 1-1Nicki Bruckmann is the Adventure Editor of the Mud & Adventure’s Adventure Travel Vertical. She is Founder of Explorer Chick Adventure Co., a tour operator specializing in Adventure travel retreats exclusively for women and curating custom travel for groups, teams, and fitness studios. She’s a member of the Conquer the Gauntlet OCR Pro Team, an ultra-marathoner, a mountain climber, a wanna-be rock climber, a 50 State High Pointer (only 34 left!), and an avid Adventurist. Her favorite place is simply the Outdoors, and she is a champion of just Playing.



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