Toughest Mudder Official Rules Breakdown


Tough Mudder recently announced rule changes for their Toughest Mudder 8 hour events. Wesley Kerr breaks down the new rules and shares what they actually mean for you.

First of all, if you’re not going to be top 5 at a single Toughest Mudder, you don’t need to worry about any of the prize money. It’ll just mean that there will be more people in front of you vying for a significant amount of cash. If you think you have a shot at top 5 at a Toughest, then you might be able to earn a little money. If you have a shot at top 5 at WTM, then you’ve got an extra hurdle where you can get some benefits from showing your skill early. And hey, if you get top 5 at a Toughest, you’ll get some money to help you towards top 5 at WTM. If your name is Ryan Atkins, Trevor Cichosz, or a few other super elite endurance athletes, you could stand to win a significant amount of cash on the way to WTM: up to $70,000 if you win every Toughest with 50+ miles and then will clearly win the most annual miles. That’ll help fund your professional OCR career and bring in money from winnings in addition to your sponsorship deals that I know/hope you have.

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