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Why you won’t see OCR in the Olympics soon, why this...

There has been a great deal of chatter lately about Obstacle Course Racing as an Olympic event. Most recently, Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena attributed his removal of the iconic gladiators from the end of his races to an effort to comply with Olympic restrictions. I suspect this reason probably sounded better than what was actually going on - namely insurance issues, but it got enough people talking about OCR and the Olympics.

AMAZING RACE: Your comfort zone is a nice, cozy place to...

There was running and rope climbing and endless acres of mud. Three things I’m not exactly crazy about. I hate running, and there was over three miles of it. I hadn’t climbed a rope since grade school, and even back then I sucked at it. The mud? It was stuck to my skin, my clothes and my shoes, adding what felt like an extra 20 pounds to my frame. This is a Reebok Spartan Race, where they get you out of your comfort zone and keep you there for a while. On March 22 in Charlotte, I was out of mine for exactly one hour and 15 minutes, and this was just one of their shorter “Sprints.”

Race Recap: Spartan Colorado Military Sprint

Well it did not seem as though I was going to be able to make it to the CO Military Spartan Sprint this year due to finances. I received an email with a pretty amazing price for a flight. I had a a voucher, and discount and so I was able to book my flight to Denver for $17. Found a rental car for $10 a day and thanks to two amazing friends, Taryn Haas and Leslie St.Louis, I had places to stay. Seemed as tho everything had fallen into place......or had it?

The 2014 Spartan Experience – Sign Up Now!!

This summer in Pittsfield, Vermont the second Spartan Experience will be taking place. After the great experience last year, Alex Nicholas, Reebok Spartan Pro Team member and owner of Epic Hybrid Training, is putting together another full weekend of Spartan lifestyle.

Race Video: Colorado SPARTAN Military Sprint 2014

http://www.OCRTUBE.com - This is the 3rd year of the Spartan Military Sprint in Ft. Carson Army Base, and it never fails to deliver. The following...

Spartan Race Announces Appointment Of Ian Adamson To International Obstacle Racing...

BOSTON, May 1, 2014 –Spartan Race, Inc., the world’s leading obstacle racing company, today announced the selection of legendary adventure race icon, Ian Adamson (www.ianadamson.com), to lead the International Obstacle Racing Federation (IORF) (www.ObstacleRacing.org).

Coaches Corner: Spartan Race Keys to Victory

The first in a two part series on keys to victory (or sometimes just surviving) a Spartan Race. Brought to you by SGX Master Coach and exercise guru, Joe DiStefano this two part series answers questions about training for obstacles as well as how to mitigate the chances of injury through lack of proper preparation.

Coming soon: International Obstacle Race Federation

The rumors are true. There will be a REAL International Obstacle Race Federation launching soon (Late 2014- Early 2015) One of the biggest and most competitive OCR organizations, Spartan Race, has already signed on. We are looking for intelligent, reliable, hard-working, common-sense driven individuals to join the team. Please apply via the landing page: http://obstacleracing.org/

Joe De Sena – Who Are You Sports Interview

Joe De Sena: Spartan Race founder shares the history of Spartan Race as well as his own life. Mindset, attitude, perspective and a never...

Calling all Spartans: Your Chance to Join the Trifecta Tribe

This is the first Spartan Beast of the year - which means it's your first opportunity to join the 2014 Spartan Trifecta Tribe! (achieved by completing a Spartan Sprint, Super, and Beast in the same calendar year)

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