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Attention Combiners – It’s Game Time!

Civilian Military Combine is PUMPED to return to Brooklyn with 4 PIT Divisions (body weight to heavy weight) and new obstacles - see pics!

Race Review: Civilian Military Combine PA Mountain Assault (Poconos 2014)

The CMC, a hybrid challenge consisting of a 5 minute AMRAP workout coupled with a 5.2 mile trail run including over 25 military-inspired obstacles. This challenge breaks down into two parts. Part 1 is a 5 minute AMRAP starting in The Pit, and Part 2 is a 5.2 mile trail run with obstacles. The location of the PA, CMC was at Camelback Ski Resort / Waterpark. The base elevation is 1,250 climbing to 2,133 at the peak. The terrain is mountainous, muddy and lots of creeks, which means water, to get you wet. The temperature on race day was a balmy 62 degrees and sunny.

Event Spotlight: Civilian Military Combine – a totally different breed of...

With Civilian Military Combine's season about to kick off with their upcoming Poconos, Pennsylvania event we wanted to get to know a little bit more about this hybrid event that is one part fitness test, one part obstacle race and all parts max heart rate. Keith Gornish, CMC's CEO and cofounder was nice enough to give us the inside scoop on their unique segment within the obstacle race industry.


Conquer the CMC PIT - the most bad ass fitness battlefield in obstacle course racing - with these training videos.

Save 10% off any Civilian Military Combine Event

Save 10% off any Civilian Military Combine event.

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