Sorry OCR, We’re Breaking Up


Joel Getty, long-time OCR racer and blogger, has decided to retire from the OCR scene. His reasoning? OCR was hurting his relationships & personal life – a story which many might be able to relate to.

That’s when I realized that the unique experiences I was chasing at OCR events were not real.  My Facebook OCR friends, even the ones I’ve met in real life, as awesome as they are as people, mostly aren’t real friends.

It is an addiction for me, and a cruel mistress.  Every time I go away to race it’s like I’m cheating on my family, and that’s no longer okay with me.  It was never okay with them.  I’m not judging you or your life.  Everyone has a different Work-Life-OCR balance that they must find for themselves.  For me, coming home from OCRWC 2016, I finally saw my mistress for who she was, and what it was doing to my family.

This article originally appeared at Obstacle Racing Media. Click here to go to original article


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