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In Brief:  If you read nothing else, read the following:  this was one of the best OCRs I have done to date.  Battlefrog is a well-organized OCR with all the elements you would hope for.  Below I grade each of these elements and provide a few brief thoughts.

Organization:  This is a group of Navy Seals so you would expect them to be calculated down to the last detail….and….they don’t disappoint.  Everything about the day moved smoothly and efficiently.  A+

Registration:  Registration was easy.  Even changing from the “Open” wave to the “Cash” wave was seamless and quick.  They opened registration right around 7AM, so no issues there either.  A

Venue:  Battlefrog chose to hold the event at a motocross park, which is not uncommon in the world of OCRs.  However, Battlefrog didn’t get lazy like other organizations that only utilize the motocross track.  Battlefrog only used the track for a mile or two of both the 5k and 15k courses, instead sending racers out into woods and open fields.  While not the most challenging terrain I have ever been on, Battlefrog utilized every inch of available space to create a difficult and technical course.  A

Course/Obstacles:  Speaking of course.  This is what we are here for; so this one is a biggie, and Battlefrog knocks it out of the park.  The course was split into two, a 5k and a 15k, both of which were marked perfectly.  The obstacles were original and very difficult.  I saw more than one top racer struggle with their version of the wall traverse or the rope traverse.  The jelly can and sandbag carries could have been longer, but for the average racer they were probably about right.  The 15k course had the right balance of technical trail running and obstacles that tested pure strength, which culminated in a 2 mile stretch (for both the 5k and 15k courses) that was packed with mud and obstacles.  The Seal PT (20 bodybuilders in front of a drill sergeant looking guy) was a nice touch and definitely added a little more difficulty to the course.  I watched videos of the later heats and it did look like racers tended to bunch up at the early obstacles (there was a stretch of over, under, through, mud pit, and cargo net within the first .25 miles).  While not a deal breaker by any means, pushing some of the obstacles back from the start line is probably a good idea in the future.  Overall the course required a good mix of strength, speed, and technique.  A

Swag:  Upon check in you were given a bib with tickets for a free t-shirt and beer, pretty much standard at these events.  At the finish you received a medal based on the course you finished (5k or 15k).  The t-shirts are good quality, soft cotton with pretty cool graphics on it.  The medals are bright and heavy; definitely a quality piece of bling.  Battlefrog posted pictures, for free, within 36 hours, which is definitely a nice touch.  Overall, fairly standard here, but still well executed.  B+

Spectator area:  I had one friend with me who had to hang out while I ran the 15k course twice (I was surprised to see her sober when I returned!).  However, this was not an issue as there was a DJ, several vendors and booths, and grub and beer.  What made it even better is that Battlefrog surrounded the spectator area with tons of obstacles, which made for good photo ops.  Not a huge spattering of things to do for spectators, but I don’t think anyone would expect or want that.  Nice job on this one.  A

Family event:  While I don’t have a child, this is an area where you could see that Battlefrog really excelled.  From having two different distances to a kid’s event to beer and a cool frog logo this OCR definitely had something for the entire family. You could tell that this event was well planned and executed.  Battlefrog is one of the best on this part.  A+

Odds and ends:  I missed the awards ceremony because I decided to run the 15k course again, but from the pics it looked like a good one.  Winners were presented with huge checks and there were photo ops.  Medals and podium finishes for top racers in their age division would have been nice, but it seems like that is something OCRs are starting to catch on to.  There was a Navy Seal demo complete with a helicopter, which I heard was really something.  The winners of the cash wave even got to take a ride in the choppa, pretty damn cool!  Having Hobie call affiliated with this OCR is definitely a nice touch and did not go unnoticed by the cash wave runners.  Directions and signs to the course were up early and perfectly accurate.  No problem with parking and it was close enough to the event that you didn’t really need a bag check.  Really nice job here.  A

Overall:  One of the best that I have done and well worth the money, which goes to the Navy Seal Foundation and Museum.  Thought and care went into this event, and it clearly showed.  A few, very minor, criticisms, but nothing that would make me hesitate for a second from doing this one again or recommending it.  Solid A

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