Reebok All Terrain Series Review


Photo gallery credits: David Salafia Photography

Reebok All Terrain Series Review:

First of all, thank you Reebok for allowing Tiffanie Novakovich and I to be the first to try the soon to be released Spartan Shoe.

Because I have worn exclusively Inov8 Talons for the past 6 years with my mountain running career I will use these as a comparison. I hate to even mention the competitor, however many people use the Inov8 and I take pride in switching to the Reebok and seeing if the Reebok “truly” is a better shoe.

First of all: Fit. I wear a size 10 and the size 10 was pretty darn close. If anything I would prefer perhaps a 9 and 3/4 if it was possible because I like a slightly tighter fitting shoe. Where I noticed this a little was on the traverse wall where I had my feet at a tangent to the wall and I was “edging” my way along. Overall, not a problem just a thought.

The shoes have a low drop and a “racing flat” profile which I love for ankle stability on rough terrain.

Second: Weight. My size 10’s came in at 8.7 ounces. A+ The inov-8 are 8.6. But here’s why I was amazed at the Reebok at 8.7 vs. the inov-8 at 8.6. The Reebok has structure and substantiality that dominates any mountain shoe I’ve ever worn. The sole felt solid and exuded confidence as I ran over the rocky and uneven terrain. The Reebok also, has the rock guard sole, and the rope guard instep that surely have weight associated with them. In other words, how is the Reebok so light yet more substantial, more structured and overall more of a “real” shoe and not merely a “slipper” with traction. So weight: A+

Third: Rock Guard. I really appreciated and know the importance of a shoe that allows me to plunge the down hills without fear of damaging or slowing my pace in fear of stepping on something sharp. The rock guard was noticed and provides a very confidence boosting advantage.

Fourth: Traction. The lugs were well spaced which allows for great mud-shedding and a stable platform on loose sand. So much of obstacle racing involves stepping in and out of mud. Shedding the mud is more important than giant lugs that attract and fill to the level where traction disappears.

Fifth: Water exiting holes. Very cool. As a steeple chaser in college I LOVED my Adidas shoes which had this feature. Not gimmicky. Truly was noticed and worked. within my 3rd and 4th steps out of the mud and water pits, moisture gone.

sixth: Texture and material of shoe. I like the canvas like durability of the overall shell and outer protection. It sheds moisture immediately, retains nothing and seems to be durable to the many rocks and barbed wire kicks.

Overall: Sweet shoes. I will be honored to race all obstacle races in them but to also introduce them to the extreme mountain races I do.

To all those wondering about the secret release date? When I’m 40 most of you will had them about 26 days prior.





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