Product Review: Simple Fuel and Simple Granola



   Simple Fuel® and Simple Granola

Company Info:

   Simple Brandz, Inc 1-855-BESIMPLE  

Mission Statement/Objective: 

“Creating healthy foods to have a Natural, Simple Lifestyle is our mission at Simple Brandz, Inc.

Simple Brandz, Inc offer products of All Natural BodyFood®.

Simple Fuel® is a nutritional supplement and Simple Granola is gluten, dairy, soy free packed with protein and energy!”

Product Claim(s): 

   “Simple Fuel® is loaded with a proprietary blend of Superfruits, SuperGreens, SuperProteins, SuperHealers, SuperMetabolizers, SuperPrebiotics in an easy powder form just for YOU! 

   Each blend was designed to give you a piece of what you need to eat everyday like omega’s, fibers, and antioxidants to keep you simply healthy and energized!

   Simple Fuel® is a powerful all natural proprietary blend of SuperFoods including SuperGreens, Superfruits, SuperMetabolizers, Natural Healers, and Prebiotics infused with a simply chocolate taste.  This combination gives you the antioxidants, chlorophyll, amino acids, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes naturally in each serving.”

   Simple Granola: “A gluten, dairy, soy free packed with protein and energy.”

First Impression: 

   I agreed to review this product because I am conscious of what I eat.  I try to eat as much organic fruit and veggies as I can.  GMOs, processed food, and excess sugar are things that I try to stay away from. So I went to the webpage, read the mission statement, and assumed it was fine.  

   When I opened the package and read the ingredients, I was immediately impressed.  There are so many different superfoods in the Simple Fuel®.  If you are not familiar with superfoods, I highly encourage you to check out documentaries like, “Food Matters.”  You will be amazed at the correlation between diet and disease.   They are called superfoods for a reason.  Here is just a sample of superfoods in the Simple Fuel®: whey protien, spirullina powder, blue green algae, chlorella, organic wheatgrass, acai freeze dried powder, blueberry, ginger root, flaxseed powder, acacia fiber, dandelion, chia seed powder, and much more!

Background Information:  

   The Simple Fuel® is advertised as a meal replacement, not an energy booster.  I chose to use mine for breakfast on a normal day.  Breakfast for me is usually fruit, cereal, or oatmeal.  I did allow myself to drink as much water as I wanted, just no food for the morning.

   The Simple Granola is for energy so I chose to eat them before a morning workout (the day after the Simple Fuel).  There was not an indication as to how much granola was a serving size and how much I was provided with.  It was not advertised as a meal replacement, so I did not change my eating habits for the day.

   Simple Brandz provided all testing samples.


   Simple Brandz website has a few different suggestions on how to eat/drink the Simple Fuel®.  I chose to mix mine with almond milk.  The serving size is for 8oz, but I chose to add a little more almond milk.  Even with extra almond milk and putting a tsp of water in the glass before the powder, it still had some clumping at the top.  If you have ever had a protein shake before or made instant hot chocolate, then you know what I’m talking about.  The taste was fine.  It was similar to a protein shake.  The good thing about this drink is the ingredients.  Healthy ingredient after healthy ingredient.  It may have been the placebo effect from knowing all the good ingredients, but I felt great!  

   After eating the Simple Granola and working out (~60 minutes of circuit training) I can’t really say that I got a big energy boost from the granola.  It tasted great, it wasn’t dried out or too crunchy, and it wasn’t too sticky and covered in honey like others I have tried. 



Do I think it is worth it?  I will be ordering Simple Fuel®.  I am not going to make this my daily breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but I will use this when I am running late and don’t have time to eat.  It really packs a lot of nutrients in a glass.  Maybe they will make a vanilla flavor (if it can be done without the use of processed ingredients, of course).  It may seem a little expensive (currently $52 for a container of 24 servings), but that is just over $2 a glass.  Remember that it is a meal replacement, and is most likely, more healthy than what the average person consumes.  It is well worth it.  “The food you eat could be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”  Dr. Ann Wigmore.

Simple Granola is perfect as a hiking snack or if you’re at the office looking for quick hunger fix.  I wouldn’t necessarily rely on it for high energy boosts, but it tastes great and the ingredients are even better.  


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