Link Endurance Episode 97: Brakken Kraker talks How to Pick Your Races, Dreaming about Winning Races, Nutrition, How being Bald Makes You More of a Man, and Why Capri’s are Always a Wise Choice


Link Endurance talks with Brakken Kraker about a variety of topics on the Link Endurance podcast.

In this episode Miles and I chat with Brakken Kraker and get to know:Why he races, How to choose the right race for your strengths, Pro cards for OCR, Dreaming about winning.. Literally, Daily Nutrition, Why bald means your a badass, How all the cool kids wear capris, Brakken’s killer VO2 max treadmill training session!, And lots more!

This article originally appeared at Link Endurance. Click here to go to original article


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