Gear Review: KOAR Performance Apparel


Product: KOAR: BX1000 Long Tights w/Zip Back Pocket and TT300 Short Sleeve Shirt (compression)

Company Info: KOAR. KOAR Performance, LLC.  2114 Pico Blvd.  Santa Monica, CA 90405. 1-855-767-KOAR. [email protected]

Mission Statement/Objective: KOAR.  The Evolution of Sport.  Next Generation Athletic Apparel.

Product Claims/Uses*:

  • Endurance: May help to maximize training and performance by potentially improving blood circulation and oxygen delivery to your muscles.
  • Moisture Management: Helps keep you dry  by wicking moisture away from your body.
  • UV Protection: Helps protect you from UV radiation that can cause irreversible damage and aging to your skin.
  • Visibility: Helps increase your visibility at dawn or dusk with reflective garment details.
  • Recovery: May improve your lactate threshold which could help reduce fatigue and muscle soreness.

In double-blind testing of 14 trained male and female athletes, ages 17 – 53, using the ergospirometer the following 4 major parameters were measured:

  • Oxygen consumption
  • CO2 production
  • Ventilation
  • Heart rate

The results were positive in all areas.

First Impression:   When I took the top out of the box, I realized that it was different from the usual dry-fit shirt.  It was noticeably thicker in the chest.  The texture is also different on the inside where it’s thicker.  The tights had the same impression. The thicker areas were on the front/inside of the legs.

Background Information: I do a variety of workouts.  Most of which, are done outside.  Trail running is my favorite form of training because I would rather be outside than stuck in a gym.  I did not tailor my workouts to gain the most benefits out of the outfit.  I did what I normally would do, because I feel that would be the most beneficial to those of you reading this.

KOAR supplied the products tested.

Testing the Product:

My first run was done at night with a temperature around 85o.  3 miles felt like a good distance to go for the first time.  Long enough to get warmed up, but not long enough to develop any major irritations (none developed).  The sweat was absorbed pretty well in the chest area.  It does feel like the shirt is ventilated.  Any little breeze, and you feel the sweat evaporating on your skin.  Without a doubt, this helps lower your body temperature.

I did a few runs in the mornings for the following two weeks.  It gets pretty hot in the desert so there was a lot of sweating and a lot of evaporating!

On 9/22/12, I put the KOAR to much harder test.  It was going through the Lake Tahoe Tough Mudder, twice.  This proved to me how effective it really was at wicking moisture and lowering body temps.  I ran in the 8:40 am wave and it was still a little chilly.  Throw in water obstacles (Arctic Enema included) and trees to block the sun, and you find yourself wanting some heat.  That’s when you realize how good KOAR is.  The outfit is drawing away all the moisture (that has been warmed up by my body) and cooling me off faster!  I could tell exactly where all the wicking material was on the outfit.  That area would get a cooling sensation on every step.  The good thing is that I had a black outfit on that heated up pretty nicely in the sun.

The second lap seemed to be more ideal conditions for the use of the outfit.  The air temperature was high enough that you wanted to be cooled off instead of heated.  It was a nice welcomed feeling.

Since the Tough Mudder, I have gone on several trail runs (3-8 miles long) in various conditions.



Honestly, I have no idea how my body was able to deliver O2 better or if my legs had more or less lactate in the muscles.  I am lucky and don’t get too sore.  The Lake Tahoe Tough Mudder in the KOAR was no exception.  I do know that the ventilation works like a champ!

Is the KOAR gear for those that do OCRs? Well, yes and no.  It depends on the conditions.  You have to realize that even though KOAR is active wear, it is designed to cool you off.  If you are doing a mud run in the winter, KOAR should not be your first choice.  For all other times, the KOAR is great.  It is perfect for in the gym or on the field.  If you plan on wearing it in the summer, in the sun, consider getting a color other than black.

I was impressed by the durability of the top and pants.  They went through 22 miles of Tough Mudder that included a lot of crawling on rocks, logs, and near barbed wire.  Throw in several trail runs in the desert with a lot of sharp plants, and the only wear I have is one, small hole above the knee (tip of a pencil small).  The elastic in the waistband can get twisted in the wash, but it only takes a minute to straighten it out.

Overall, a very solid product!





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