Featured Runner Profile: Margaret Schlachter aka Dirt In Your Skirt

Margaret Schlachter aka Dirt In Your Skirt
Margaret Schlachter aka Dirt In Your Skirt

Name: Margaret Schlachter aka Dirt In Your Skirt
Age: 28
Hometown: Killington, Vermont
Occupation: Head of Admissions for a Boarding School
Mud runs and obstacle races conquered to date: Spartan Race (Sprint, Super, and BEAST), Tough Mudder, World’s Toughest Mudder, Warrior Dash, Tough Mountain Challenge, Rugged Maniac, Shawnee Peak Challenge (run by Ruckus), Run For Your Lives, Renegade Playground Challenge
Favorite event so far: Spartan Race – Vermont BEAST


Margaret entered Obstacle Racing in its beginnings. She kicked off her obstacle racing career entering the first ever Spartan Race in May of 2010. From the first race she knew she was hooked. After a moderately successful season in 2010 she blasted onto the scene in 2011. She never finished out of the top ten for women in any race she entered. This former NCAA two sport varsity athlete found her stride in of all place the mountains and mud. She harnessed years of training for Alpine Ski Racing and Women’s Lacrosse and used her skills honed over years as an athlete to navigate even the most challenging of course.

Highlights of her 2011 season include a third place finish for females in the first every Spartan Beast held in Killington, Vermont where she not only dominated the women’s field but also showed many men just why she is a founding member of the Spartan Chicked Campaign. She followed up this performance with a second place finish in her age class and 6th overall for women just seven days later in the Warrior Dash in Windham, New York. Throughout the fall she branched out a bit and participated in class 063 of the GORUCK Challenge this class was held in NYC on 9/11 and commemorated the 10th anniversary of the towers coming down. She was one of the last women standing at World’s Toughest Mudder and battled through over twenty-one hours of freezing temps and massive obstacles. Her season was chapped off with a sixth place performance at Spartan Race World Championships in Glen Rose, Texas.

When not competing Margaret writes her own blog at www.dirtinyourskirt.com and is a member of Team Gaspari, a CW-X athlete, Mocean Mate Tribe, Garuka Bars. She also is a volunteer EMT for her town and volunteer women’s lacrosse coach for a local high school team. When not working or volunteering she can be found on the trails of Vermont running in the woods or throwing around a large rock or log. She is looking forward to what her 2012 season holds in store. As always she is motivated by “Just get(ting) outside and explor(ing)”.

 Website: www.dirtinyourskirt.com


  1. YOU ROCK!! what an inspiration! im doing my first mud run in december. any pointers for this last month??


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