Inside Obstacle News Ep 14: Extreme Nation Team Race 2/8/14


Back in February I got to witness a monumental moment in Obstacle Racing history as I reported for my show Inside Obstacle News. Matt B. Davis ran with me in the first ever Media Heat, and Hobie Call’s vision for the future of OCR finally came to fruition. This legendary race will be talked about for years as people look back and say, “Hey, do you remember that race in Florida where almost no one showed up except a crazy who’s who of elite obstacle racers and they gave out $40,000?” “No way man, that’s a myth!” “No it’s for real, watch this video!” Well, I finally finished editing and uploading my report from Hobie Call‘s Extreme Nation. It was an amazing race with lots of friends, so I hope you all enjoy watching this legendary race. I loved the spectator (and media) friendly format and I hope that Hobie will find a new backer to continue this concept or that EN can draw more crowds. If it doesn’t go anywhere, at least I can say, “Yeah man, I was there!”

Hobie Call’s Colosseum Adventure held in Zephyrhills, FL on February 8th, 2014. Watch all the elite race action from the intense 1.5 mile race including almost all the obstacles, men’s and women’s team races, reporting from nearly the entire course. The concept of short course team racing promised and delivered incredible spectator friendly action with neck and neck elite racing through the entire course. Background: In 2013 Hobie Call left Spartan Race to pursue his vision for the future of Obstacle Racing and partnered with Extreme Nation to hold their first race June of 2013 in Michigan. Extreme Nation postponed that race due to a death in the family of the organizers, and we all thought they would go away like Hero Rush and Run for your lives, but they rescheduled for February of 2014, promising a huge payday to the top six teams to finish. With $40,000 on the line, many of the top racers converged on the tiny town outside of Tampa to race 1.5 miles over 20 obstacles with spectators all around. Fortunately for the elites, Extreme Nation came through with their race and the prize money, but only the elites showed up for the race. The spectators and elites vastly outnumbered the open participants, which spells doom for any race, but Extreme Nation has regrouped, sans Hobie Call, and will attempt a second race on May 3rd in Bremen, GA and a 3rd May 31st in Ohio.


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