Death to the OCR Street Team


MudRunFun looks into how the growth of discounting through sites like Groupon might put some street teams, and OCR media outlets, out of business.

The normal street team and OCR media outlet will reach the same group of about 20% of the overall OCR participants. With being able to only offer a 5-20% discount, they are quickly becoming unnecessary as most racers will just turn to whoever can offer the biggest discount. The more participants that realize Groupon is able to offer a better deal, the less often people will use promo codes at all. Less uses of these codes will lead to less commissions being brought in to those who offer them.

This might lead to street teams only remaining for the smaller, local races:

Street teams will only manage to stay afloat with promo codes for smaller local races and events that can not give deals through Groupon and still manage to make money. OCR media outlets will have to find new areas to focus on besides promo codes and savings, and instead just direct followers to the actual best sales available, even if it is always through another site.

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