Cannonball Rush, Kingston, ON, Canada


Cannon Ball RushLast week we had the opportunity to race in the Cannonball Rush at the historic Fort Henry site in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  The setting was absolutely beautiful overlooking Lake Ontario and the City of Kingston.  The weather had cooled off for us dropping from a muggy 34 degrees down to a more reasonable 25.  There were approximately 129 registered participants and 3 heats beginning at 10 a.m.  This was their first race of this kind and the check-in was quick, organized and well laid out.  The race kit was a bit disappointing with generic race bibs (that were returned upon completion of the race) a few pamphlets, the ‘Cannonball Rush’ race buff and a chapstick, all in a re-usable cloth bag from a local business.  No medal, no t-shirt.  It was a 5K race with a few hill climbs and approximately 15 obstacles throughout the limestone Fort.  Some of the obstacles included: gun carry over bales of hay, crawling under cargo nets (up-hill and down hill), wall climbs (x2), cannonball carry, sandbag carry (x2), stretcher carry, mini-maze, tube crawl (x2), some mud and a short lake swim.  Prizes were awarded for top 3 male, top 3 female and fastest team.  Lunch afterwards was an additional fee of $10.00. No charge for parking.  Overall I would recommend this race for those who enjoy running over obstacles as there was large sections of open space to cover between challenges.

Overall: 2/5

"Your pace or mine?"
“Your pace or mine?”


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