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Brett Rein

Brett Rein
Age 24
190 lbs

Finishing up graduate school, NASM certified trainer, cofounder of start-up non-profit DeamTeen: Bringing childhood dreams to foster teens.
Two time Death Racer (1 time skull finisher)
Taking on my own Lake Tahoe Challenge next August (more details to come)

I had a crazy childhood which brought about a pretty self-destructive adolescence. Today, I live by the motto “greatness is only a sunrise away” and I remind myself of that at every endurance/adventure race I compete in. There is always light to be found through the darkness of night, you just have to be willing to put in the work to go out and take it! A Death Race will take you through some dark places and you have to be able to find light and positivity in those situations which has become my greatest strength. I found my peace through training in what other people would call “crazy” methods, running, and pushing my body to the limits which worked out awesomely for Ultra-Adventure Racing. It is my overall goal in life to help other people to find peace in their lives as well, whether it be through health, fitness, or another means. I want to be the inspiration for people to see that you can make your dreams come true if you’re willing to put in the work. I have some pretty awesome Ultra-Adventure Challenges/Races coming up as I look to push my personal "limits." I don't personally believe in "limits" as I consider them to be people-created obstacles/excuses that prevent us from chasing our dreams. Look for me at future races and I’ll always pay a smile forward and some laughs as that is what its all about!

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