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24 Hours of Ow & Wow – Terrain Racing Relay

Race Review of Terrain Race's 24 hour event.

Link Endurance Episode 104: Interview with Swedish OCR Elite Karin Karlsson

Interview & discussion with Swedish OCR athlete Karin Karlsson.

Puppy Mudder | Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder announces their newest series, Puppy Mudder [It's currently April 1 in Australia......]

Badass Dash Acquires Down and Dirty Obstacles

Badass Dash bought obstacles from the Down & Dirty Obstacle Series, and will use them in their upcoming 2017 race series.

Race Recap: Dirty Leprechaun 5K Mud Run

A review of the Dirty Leprechaun 5K Mud Run, a fun-oriented mud run that takes place annually in Oregon.

ORM Podcast – Josh and Matt Get Down

A discussion of mental health / depression, and more.

Icebug Oribi – Trail & Road Racer

First look at the Icebug Oribi, a new model of shoe from popular OCR shoe maker Icebug.

Mudstacle News Episode Four – Toughest Rope Climb & Salmon Ladder

A look at how to conquer both the Rope Climb & Salmon Ladder.

Coach Pain Experience: Episode 1

An interview with one of Coach Pain's athletes, Justin Hammond.

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