American Ninja Warrior: Top Female Contestants & How They Keep Fit


Kacy Cataranzo and some other top female ANW competitors shares some workout tips on how they prepare for the show and other ninja competitions.

How do these women train for it? Per Shape, here’s some tips from Kacy Cataranzo: she said she started running a little bit, although she was never a long distance runner. Running a few miles helped with endurance training because in the show, they are doing the obstacles one after another. Cataranzo also mentioned the importance of pull-ups. These helped her with obstacles where she had to lift her own body weight. Also, she recommends her favorite smoothie, which includes one ripe frozen banana, a tablespoon of coconut chips, one of cacao nibs, four tablespoons of chia seeds, two thin slices of raw beet, and POM Wonderful pomegranate juice as the base. She said this is usually drank after a morning workout as a pick-me-up re-energizer!

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