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OCR World Championships Previews Two of Their Course Obstacles

The best courses in the world test strength AND agility. Here are two of our obstacles, Sternum Checker and Inverse Bars that require both....

This Slip and Slide is Too Wild for Your Obstacle Race

Check out this viral video from Southern Utah! This slip and slide off a canyon lip culminates in a fifty foot drop into a...

Obstacle Spotlight: BattleFrog’s TSUNAMI

A sneak peak at one of the obstacles in the BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series. A signature 16-foot high double-sided half-pipe wave wall that requires participants to run and climb up one side, often requiring help from others, and then climbing or sliding down the other side. It's a test of strength & agility.

Warrior Dash Introduces Goliath – Its Biggest Obstacle Yet

At two stories tall, Goliath is the tallest obstacle in Warrior Dash history.

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