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Race Review: Mud Guts and Glory – August 14, 2014

Mud, Guts, and Glory is a unique experience that is definitely worth the drive. MGG is held in the same location (King’s Domain), so it is unlike other obstacle course races that have events in different states. However, from a good course to comfortable accommodations I can see why the OCR world championships will be here in October.

Mud Guts and Glory: A Course Worthy of a Championship

I can’t say that I have had many opportunities to say this but “Watch out Spartan Race, here comes (MGG) Mud Guts and Glory. I ran MGG on May 24th 2014 and although I will express to you, in the best possible way about how Fantastic the course was/is, I also feel that words cannot fully explain/grasp the overall experience I had, for you must participate in it to really know.

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