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 Add the #1 obstacle race directory
to your own website.


We spend long days adding mud runs, obstacle races and challenge events to our advanced directory so you don’t have to. It’s our thing.  We’re proud to show off our brogramming skills. Install it on your site for free.

We offer a number of easy-to-use code snippets that you can insert on your website.  You can change the height setting in the code below to any value that will fit well into your website. You will experience the best result if your website has a full width template.

Grab the free code for the event display style of your choice here:

Calendar Map View:

Calendar Month View:

Calendar Event List View:

This list will show 12 months worth of upcoming events.


1. Create a new page (i.e. “Event Directory” or “Obstacle Race and Challenge Events”) on your site

2. Copy one of the code snippets above

3. Paste the code in the html editor of your new page

WordPress / Non WordPress Sites

If you are using WordPress, paste the code into a blank page template with minimal other obstructive elements (such as a side bar). The wider the better. You may need a plugin to preserve the iframe code in your html editor.

If you are not using a WordPress powered site just copy the desired code and paste it into the body of your site.

Looking for more customization? The pro version offers much more. Perhaps you want the colors different, only specific events displayed, or a non iframe integration… Drop us a line if you’d like an event directory set up with your site’s unique needs in mind.

Installed it on your site? Please let us know! We’ll show it off above and on our Partners page.