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Recent OCR & Mud Run News and Videos


Welcome to M+A OCR & Mud Runs!

Brett Stewart - January 21, 2016

“Hey, what happened here? Mud and Adventure used to just be all about OCR’s & Mud Runs? What are all those other sections?” Well, we’re glad you asked! As the sport of OCR has grown, athletes are coming in & out of the sport from all different directions, Spartan Race World Champ Robert Killian’s background […]

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Pursuit OCR – Keeping the FUN in Obstacle Course Racing

The Next Wave of Gyms With the continuous growth of OCR as a sport, we have seen many obstacle course racing related gyms, boot camps, and classes pop up and offering to get you ready for your next race. When I heard about Canada’s new largest fully indoor obstacle course and training centre opening up […] – more

Stony Smith5

Interview with Stony Smith – GORUCK Selection Class 017 Finisher

About the author: I was introduced to GORUCK in 2013 after having completed my first Spartan Race Hurricane Heat. I really enjoyed everything about the event, the teamwork, carrying heavy things and getting pushed beyond my usual training limits but I would have to wait until the following year to sign up for another one […] – more

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