OCR World Champioships medal

The OCR World Championships – the legit race review.

I would have liked to have seen the OCR World Championships on a bigger scale - bigger festival area, more on site accommodations (thinking athlete village). But in the end, everyone that should have been here was here making this a true championship event. The race, course, obstacles and competition was pulled off flawlessly. While I would love to see this event somewhere else (thinking internationally), I will gladly come back next year.

After Action Report: GORUCK Heavy – Mogadishu Mile – Austin

My heart was racing, as though I’d just run a marathon, while I stood in one of three lines with a group of people I could only assume were at least as crazy as I was. Where were we? And why were we there? In the dark of night, after nine o’clock on October 3rd some where in Austin, Texas, 29 candidates stood quietly in anticipation of the start of the GoRuck Heavy event that would commemorate the Mogadishu Mile. Would we all finish? Why was my heart rate so high? Questions racing through my head, my heart continued to thump… hell, we hadn’t even started yet.
Spartan Race Ohio Joe De Sena Wheel Chair

Spartan Race Changing Minds and Changing Lives

I must admit that when I started my Spartan Race adventure two years ago, I wasn’t that impressed. I believed that Joe De Sena was just your average “run of the mill” athlete who had stumbled upon an idea, and decided to turn a quick buck. I did a little research on him, and found that he had done some extreme stuff, but I still had a preconceived notion that he was probably just a schmuck. I mean, seriously, you had to sign a “death waiver” to run the event…. Oooh scary! I am an Army Ranger with 19 years of active duty, a graduate of Ranger School (among others), and have served over 40 months in combat.